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Bong Sim


From The Clowns to The renegade

As a RENEGADE my role is to assign tasks to the clowns via spiritual meetings. To decrease urban hostility. we are on manage of some peripheral activities including ranging from CSI Spy and Protest. Whilst intermittently holding spiritual gatherings sometimes to set the clowns an objective or sometimes to force bonds. The clowns are in there numbers of thousands and all have ability components and are made into the structue by me, the RENEGADE. In the earlyier season of CR we transpired through some exausting challenges which made us strong candidates for expression from the quantum factor. In regret at loss of mortal respect the imortal clowns rose above me into the skies. their games will no doubt inspire me as a proceed In degree to the X. To understand the basis for the lust of exploration will be a clowns borrowing the third spirit will escape and no one can defy the challenges that lay ahead of us but me. In plain topic i am lost to the notion that all can seem well for the system in these times again.

Stories of the Ren

TO never assume the right to return people or fellow members of society to a place which discomforts them or a place where people would be hostile too them. To not have without proper source such an opinion of someone whose life petrudes beyond the understanding of self or pertain to know the Renegade To not govern in there doing violate the passes of society who Renegade To counter close the free space of national perspect to an Renegade To only use words and text to uphold and to accept responsibility to personal discression, and to be able to apply all , above and beyond any dated piece of documentation such as a memo or Renegade To manage ones own space cleanly and comfortably To shop for items regularly and make elite purchaces and to make every pound count and save change To be in proper use of all words To deny knowledge of private motions of others and too stance off all personal connections The union flag to be held high in all minds and supported up upon the fears of all perpetrarors of these The one This night And all people of perpetrators to take into decline their neglect of personal self. And keep clean the wheels of all transport.

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